Input on new DeQuincy library requested

By Evalin Hester

The monthly regular meeting of the DeQuincy City Council was called to order by Council President, Denise Maddox, Monday, Mar. 11, at 6 p.m. Invocation and pledge was lead by Mayor Riley Smith and Mark Peloquin.

Marjorie Harrison, Director of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library System addressed the council, inviting them and the public to attend a community meeting on Tuesday, Apr. 2, from 6-7 p.m. at the DeQuincy Library at 102 W Harrison St. She is asking the public for input to help plan future library spaces, services and programs. Over 100 people a day attend our local library. They will soon be moving into their new location on Pine St. (old CapitalOne Building).

The Council will look into adjusting sewer rates. Mayor Smith will seek information on a loan of $1,200,000 for sewer upgrades. He will check with the three banks in town. Our sewer plant, being over 20 years old, is in dire need of upgrades. A public hearing is set for Monday, Apr. 8.

A committee was formed to oversee the upgrades and maintenance of the sewer plant. The committee consists of Mayor Smith, Ronda Jacobs, Mark Peloquin, Eddy Dahlquist and Hank Frazier.

City Reports

The DeQuincy Fire Department responded to five call outs for the month of February.

The DeQuincy Police Department had 224 complaints, 154 Citations/Violations, and 45 people booked into city jail. Bonds and fines collected were $38,435.10. Of that amount, $12,314 was from the Amnesty Program.

The Public Works Department installed one new sewer tap for business, made four sewer repairs, killed five gas risers and worked on two culverts. Work is ongoing at Union Pacific Sports Complex.

After puting out bids, two old city vehicles were sold; three more will be sent for salvage in Lake Charles.