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Silpada Designs

Jeffra DeViney, Independent Representative

 Silpada .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry...Like It, Love It, or Want It All!

You're invited to discover the beauty of Silpada Designs, a Sterling Silver Jewelry company that offers unique, affordable jewelry styles that will last for years to come. Silpada can offer you the perfect pieces of jewelry to dress for success from head to toe, as well as an opportunity to earn anything from extra grocery money to financial freedom. Whether you gain self confidence when wearing our handcrafted jewelry, reunite with girlfriends, or build a business, you'll appreciate their satisfaction guarantee and lifetime replacement policy.

Get the looks that you love for free by hosting a Silpada Jewelry Party. Call Jeffra DeViney, Independent Representative today at 337-912-5063 for a catalog or go online to shop her online store at:


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