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Harry Hooker, Sr. Memorial Fund

Harry Hooker, Sr.

Four glorious years and counting!

 The Harry L. Hooker Memorial Fund was birthed in 2009 after the untimely passing of the foundation’s namesake and visionary, Elder Harry L. (Colonel) Hooker, Sr. From the organization’s inception, it has been a joint effort of family, friends, co-workers and concerned community individuals and businesses that have made this endeavor possible. Aside from scholarships and service projects, the HLH Fund has sought to involve the community in its labor of love. I like to think of myself as an unofficial Ambassador of DeQuincy. As I travel promoting the vision of the Fund, I share the many positive attributes of DeQuincy and the gifts and talents of many of our residents. As founder and President, I strongly believe that until there is visible unity in a family, community, organization, workplace, school, sport entity, place of worship, that the individual or group will not be taken very seriously. Colonel Hooker loved to see people come together to then realize that we can celebrate that which we have in common, rather than to magnify our differences.

Our finances are generated in part by the Annual Holy Smoke BBQ Cook-Off & Praise Festival which is held the 4th Saturday in October, his birth month, at the nationally recognized DeQuincy Railroad Museum. The annual festival is a fun, family friendly, good food eating, community birthday party honoring his legacy and dedication to God, family, the City of DeQuincy, and friends. In March of 2013, the 1st Annual “Fishers of Men” Redfish Roundup was held at Prien Park, in Lake Charles. Because of these activities, we have proudly awarded three-$1000 University Awards and two-$500 Technical Awards to deserving students of DeQuincy High. The HLH Fund committee members are Harry L. Hooker, Jr., Vice-President; Peggy Poindexter, Administrative Assistant; Derwin K. Poindexter, Fundraising; and Pastor Gary W. Skinner, Advisor.

We are a Lifetime member of the DeQuincy Railroad Museum and recently joined the DeQuincy Chamber of Commerce.

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