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DeQuincy Housing Authority

Pictured are: Shirley Bagwell, Executive Director; Brenda Vigé, Asst. Director; Brooke Burge, Maintenance; and John Pharris, Maintenance.

The Housing Authority of DeQuincy is a non-profit Federal Housing Program established in 1971 with just 40 units. It is double that today, offering 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom safe, decent and affordable apartments to those who qualify. Often these homes can create an opportunity for self-sufficiency and economic independence.

In addition to the staff, a board of local commissioners helps manage the property. Criteria for eligibility is calculated on a series of information: for instance, income, family size, criminal history and other factors including rental history.

500 S. Grand Ave., Hwy. 27 S. • DeQuincy


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