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-In DeQuincy and the Surrounding Area

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Charlie's DeQuincy Air Conditioning and Heating

Pictured left to right are: Stephen Desormeaux, Charlie Laughlin, Mary Cooper, Gary Lilley and Michael Burgess
Family owned and operated by Austin, Charles Allen and Charles Wesley Laughlin.

Offering over 91 years of combined experience.

 Charles A. Laughlin founded his first A/C business, Charlie's A/C, in 1983 in Deweyville. Six years later he opened a second location in DeQuincy and decided to make it his hometown as well. When he was forced to retire in 2007 for health reasons, his son, Charlie, took the helm and a few years ago his grandson, Austin, joined the company. This three-generational family-owned and operated business, now called Charlie's DeQuincy A/C & Heating Services, offers over 91 years of combined service.

Charlie loves the people of DeQuincy and shows it through his support of churches, children, baseball teams, football teams and other groups. His goal is to return phone calls the same day. He would like to extend his thanks to customers for making the transition from father to son and grandson an easy one.

Charlie's sells and installs all types of units, including Amana, but he's also able to help you make your existing unit last longer with yearly service that can keep you comfortable in a climate where humidity and temperatures can soar. In fact, without the necessary maintenance, units lose 5% of their efficiency for each year of use. Considering the cost of electricity, that can add up, a routine maintenance contract can also help guarantee service during non-business hours. Do you want to prevent a breakdown later? A checkup today could made the difference tomorrow. Call now to find out how we can help you.


Fax: 786-3814

Cell: (337) 496-1407
Emergency: 800-448-2053

608 West 4th St.

P. O. Box 1079
Deweyville, Tx. 77614
Phone: (409) 746-2053
Cell: (409) 221-9557

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