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-In DeQuincy and the Surrounding Area

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Christensen Funeral Home


Daniel Christensen, Owner, thinks back...

"My family and I moved here knowing very few people, but with a desire to have a family business that would offer family service during the most difficult times in their lives.

Over the last sevenyears, we have come to love DeQuincy and its citizens and are so thankful to call it Home.

We are pleased to announce that the funeral home has just finished Stages 1 and 2 and 3 of a full remodel and makeover.

Our bathrooms have been fully updated and completely handicap accessible.

Our Kitchen is new and bright and features a full coffee bar with Community coffee, hot chocolate and two selections of Cappuccino. It also has a refrigerator, microwave and seating for family use.

Our Chapel was something that I have wanted to change since day one. The low, flat ceiling has been removed and vaulted up to a 13 foot cathedral.

The Chapel has had all new heating and cooling, video system for life tribute movies and an all new sound system installed.

Walls were moved to make the foyer area larger. New carpet was installed throughout and new pews and pulpit were put in the chapel.

I wanted the area in the front of the chapel to have something that would bring a sense of peace to the families. I designed a stained glass window that would not only be a beautiful focal point, but would have meaning.

The window features a cross with a descending dove with an olive branch in its mouth. Its a reminder that Jesus’ death on the cross and that peace of the Holy Ghost can and will bring comfort even in the darkest of situations. The window is backlit and remains lit 24/7.

The outside has been landscaped featuring a fountain and a beautiful selection of tropical plants. The pine trees that were in the front have been removed to allow for more parking.

Finally, a flagpole and monument will soon grace the outside giving honor to all of our veterans, past, present and future.

I take pride in being DeQuincy’s family owned and operated funeral home and it was very important to me that all work be done by local people.

I would like to thank the following people and businesses for their great work and craftsmanship.

To Paula Dyson, Lynn Spikes and Duane Tarver, you guys are the best. You complete the team that makes us who we are.

Nathan Rainwater and the guys of "KNK" Construction for their excellent work on the chapel. Charlie and the guys at "Charlie’s DeQuincy A/C & Heating” for making the air perfect. Joe Robertson and "Lyons Lumber" for always getting me what I needed and when I needed it. Jason Langley of "Custom Creations" for his excellent work on the new lettering and the stained glass window surround. B. G. Marler for his great job on painting and finish work. B. B. Mclean of "McLean's Tree Service" for your excellent work. Joe Miller, who always keeps the grounds looking great.

I look forward to what the future holds and once again renew my commitment to this great city. To be a place where you don't find funeral business, but funeral service with always taking to heart that you only get one chance to say goodbye.

Seven years ago I came with no investors or business partners and not a part of any big group. I am very pleased to say that seven years later, I am the only owner, stockholder and have no investors. I hope that one day my boys will continue on in the family business.

We are a full service facility offering funeral services, headstones and DeQuincy Memorial Park.

Thankful to be your neighbors,

The Christensens

Daniel Christensen - Owner

Paula Dyson - Administrative Assistant

1210 West Fourth St. • 786-2999 • DeQuincy

Christensen's - Proud to be your only locally-owned funeral home

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