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Sports News

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Press box renovations

By Chris & Laurie Mueller

The concession stand was completely remodeled and looks nice and will help for this year's home games.

The press box is a completely different story as it is supposedly being remodeled, but to me looked worse then before as there seems to be some kind of hold up and the work is going very slow. Aaron Smith, the team's videographer and myself, stood at the top of the steps leading into the press box and the ladder to get on top is gone.

Hopefully, it will be ready for our first home game on Sept. 11. The press box is a busy place, filled by many people, including the game announcer, two spotters, scorekeeper, and time keeper. The press box also houses media people such as myself, and sometimes radio announcers and statisticians from both teams. I can't imagine where everyone would sit if it is not complete.

I have worked in just about every press box in the area over the years and ours is pretty old and could use a good face lift . Hopefully that happens this year. I know our school board member and administration are doing everything in their power to get this done.

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