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All Stars headed to regionals

By Chris & Laurie Mueller

After cruising through the sub-district tournament in Vinton a couple of weeks ago, the DeQuincy major league all stars traveled to Ville Platte last week for the District 7 tournament.

The team defeated Vernon American and DeRidder and then lost to a tough Ville Platte team. DeQuincy remained alive in the tournament with a win over Beauregard. DeRidder beat previously undefeated Ville Platte, setting up a three way tie. Ville Platte had a bye to the finals (DeRidder and DeQuincy had already had a bye).

DeQuincy was bound and determined to make it to the district finals and Cullen Pharris led the way, pitching a no-hitter and striking out 14 in their win over DeRidder. Ville Platte once again proved too tough for DeQuincy, giving the local boys a runner-up finish. The top two teams in the tournament advanced to the regional round.

DeQuincy will be playing in Franklin beginning on Friday at 1 p.m. They will be playing the District 3 runner-up (Gonzales area). Ville Platte plays in Metairie. The winners of each tournament will play a three game set for the state championship and the right to play in the Dixie Youth World Series.

District Tournament Results

DeQuincy 26, Vernon American 8 - Cooper Hext, Brennon Smith, and Colby Pharis pitched for DeQuincy.

Top hitters were Hext, 3-4 with a triple and 2 doubles; Cullen Pharris, 2-3 with 2 doubles; JP Wilkins, 3-4 with a triple; Smith, 1-2; Corben Royer, 3-4; Jordan Cooley, 3-4 with a tiple and 2 doubles; Pharis, 4-4 with 2 doubles; Rayden Rosalis, 3-4; Jacob Goodfriend, 1-2; and Kamron Rainwater, 1-1.

DeQuincy 19, DeRidder 4 - Cullen Pharris, JP Wilkins, and Cooper Hext pitched for DeQuincy.

Top hitters were Hext, 3-4 with 2 doubles; Pharris, 2-2; Wilkins, 3-3 and 2 doubles; Brennan Smith, 3-3 with a double; Colby Pharis, 2-4, with a double; Jordan Cooley, 2-3; Corben Royer, 2-4; Dylan Lejeune, 1-4; Kamron Rainwater, 1-2; Rayden Rosalis, 1-1; Jacob Goodfriend, 1-1 and a double; and Eli Cox, 1-1.

DeQuincy 6, Ville Platte 14 - Cullen Pharris, Cooper Hext, and JP Wilkins shared the mound.

Top hitters were Hext, 2-3 with a double; Brennon Smith, 1-3; Jordan Cooley, 1-2; Colby Pharis, 1-4; Kamron Rainwater, 1-1 and a double.

DeQuincy 12, Beauregard 2 - Brennon Smith and JP Wilkins pitched for DeQuincy.

Top hitters were Cooper Hext, 1-2 with a two run homerun; Cullen Pharris, 3-3 with a homerun and double; Smith, 1-3; Wilkins, 1-1; Corben Royer, 3-3 with a double; Jordan Cooley, 2-2 with a double; Rayden Rosalis, 1-2 with a double.

DeQuincy 10, DeRidder 0 - Cullen Pharris pitched 5 shutout innings, giving up no hits while striking out 14.

Top hitters for DeQuincy were Cooper Hext, 1-3 with a double; Pharris, 3-3; Brennon Smith, 2-3 and 2 doubles; JP Wilkins, 1-2; Corben Royer, 1-2; Jordan Cooley, 1-2; Colby Pharis, 2-3 with a double and triple; Rayden Rosalis, 1-3; Jacob Goodfriend, 1-2; Eli Cox, 1-1.

DeQuincy 1, Ville Platte 11 - Cooper Hext, JP Wilkins, Colby Pharis, and Kamron Rainwater pitched for DeQuincy.

Top hitters were Hext, 2-2; Brennon Smith, 1-2; Dylan Lejeune, 1-1.

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