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Mueller gets phone call from childhood hero

DeQuincy News sportswriter Chris Mueller received a very unexpected phone call last Friday afternoon. Mueller, who has been diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, has been a huge fan of former Cincinnati Reds player, Pete Rose, since his childhood.

On Friday, Mar. 17, Rose called Chris to wish him well in his battle with cancer. The two talked about Rose's days with the "Big Red Machine" in the 1970s. Rose asked him why he was a Reds fan and not an Astros fan. Mueller told him about his younger days when only one game at a time was broadcast on television and it was usually the Reds. When Mueller's dad, Joe, was a coach during his teen years, they were the Reds and even went to see the Reds and Astros play at the Astrodome.

The phone call was made possible by Mueller's daughter, Amy Clark, who had met Rose briefly a few years ago in Las Vegas. She contacted his publicity manager and explained Mueller’s situation. He set up the phone call and sent an autographed jersey.

Mueller will undergo surgery at MD Anderson in Houston on Monday, Apr. 3.

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