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In the News

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Colors for a Cause pageant winners

The 2014 Miss La. Queen of Colors Pageant was held at the Bible Baptist Activity Center on Saturday, July 19.

The event was a huge success, with 72 contestants competing and more than $11,000 raised for the Colors for a Cause Family Assistance and Cancer Awareness programs.

Queens are listed below by category. They are:

Infant: McKinley Dale Benoit; Baby: Preslei Blayr Marcantel; Toddler: Makenzie Lyles; Tiny: Emma Clair Bourgeois;

Petite: Audi Blayr Flower; Little: Kennadi Blake; Deb Miss: Ruby Dupre; Teen Miss: Keeli Brady;

Jr. Miss: Alexys Lilly; Miss: Alyx Shell; Ms: Julie Manuel; Lady: Leigh Ward; Granny: Kat Abshire;

Fighting to Survive: Farrah Courville; Survivor: Anna Evans; Honorary: Mikell Gore; Ambassador: Alexys Lilly; Honorary Queen: Mikell Gore.

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