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Officials respond to issues

Local officials were asked to respond to the issues concerning the "man camp" development.

Mayor Lawrence Henagan Responds:

Mayor Henagan was contacted by Vernon Meyer, a local civil engineer, who asked if the city would consider the two possibilities, if the temporary housing facility is built. Meyer, who designed the DeQuincy City sewer system, asked about the possibility of connecting the housing facility's sewage lines to the city's sewer treatment pond. He also asked if the city would furnish natural gas to the housing facility.

Mayor Henagan responded with the following comments:

"I asked for assurance that our system is capable of handling the increase and they are investigating that. With that contingency, I told them that if the facility is built, the city would allow them, entirely at their cost, to tie in to our system. This tie-in would be at no cost to the city, but would result in significant revenue since the facility would be paying a monthly fee to use the service.

"I was also asked at that meeting if the city would consider furnishing natural gas to the facility. I indicated to them that we would, again because of the increased revenue.

"Let me go on to emphasize that these considerations, in no way, will affect the decision making process by the police jury. Furthermore, the city’s involvement is contingent upon if the facility is permitted by the police jury and built.”

Sandy Treme Responds:

Sandy Treme, Police Juror, Ward 6, District 11, told the DeQuincy News that the development of temporary worker housing camps is an extremely sensitive and emotional subject for people who live in the area. It would forever change the lives of thousands of people.

Treme said that she is opposed to the facilities in her district and would rather see the facilities for workers built on site of the companies that have announced billions of dollars in unprecedented expansions in our area.

If the permit for Magnolia Pines Temporary Housing Development does not get withdrawn by a formal letter of request as the zoning request for Krause and Managan Lumber Company did last Tuesday, which was also in Treme's district as well as located on Hwy. 27 near The Store, the project can move forward pending approval of the full police jury with stipulations set forth.

  1. Development must keep to the site plan submitted.
  2. A drainage impact study and a traffic impact study must be submitted and approved.
  3. The zoning exception would apply only to Mac L. Royer and Magnolia Pines Lodge, LLC
  4. A landscape plan must be submitted.
  5. All exterior lighting must face inward.
  6. Contracts with customers must be submitted within 30 days.
  7. Pods must be removed within six months
  8. The development is subject to conditions of approval for rezoning and future exception.
  9. Permitting is subject to approval from La. DOTD and Gravity Drainage District 6.

Treme said she would like to see the following mandates attached to the permitting: the facility should run sewer from their facility to tie into City of DeQuincy Sewer Treatment Facility to prevent runoff drainage on neighboring properties and further drainage runoff into Buxton Creek at the entire expense of the facility; the facility have a third traffic lane of one mile, with DOTD approval, to be made at the corner of Marcantel Road and Hwy. 27 to make safer egress and ingress into the facility; the facility should run lines to connect with City of DeQuincy natural gas utilities; the facility be asked to decrease the number of occupants from 2500 by 1000 count to 1500 count occupancy. 2500 count would be over double the population of DeQuincy.

Treme also said that Water Works District #7 which serves the area, will have to double in size to provide services to the facility. The developer, Patrick Granger, along with Mrs. Treme have expressed a desire to meet at a Town Hall Meeting to address citizens' concerns before the next regularly scheduled Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Meeting on Thursday, Apr. 23.

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