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"Snider's Soccer Field" tribute to late Earl Snider

(Editor's Note--The following story about the late Earl Snider was taken from Nola Mae Wittler Ross’ book, Southwest Louisiana Veterans Remember...A 50th Anniversary Remembrance of World War II, Vol. 1. The book was furnished to the News by Walton Baggett.)

There is a soccer field in a remote Chinese village that has ties to a World War II B-29 pilot from DeQuincy. Earl Snider was the pilot of a B-29 in the 77th Squadron, 462nd Bomb Group, stationed near Calcutta, India.

One day, when Snider and his crew were heading home from a bomb run on the Japanese, their aircraft failed and they jumped. (Later, it was learned the plane flew pilotless for another 28 miles.)

Snider landed in a rice paddy near a very remote little village in China. The natives took him to their homes and took care of him. Later, they gave him a horse and guided him to another village, where he caught a train. Snider rode the train two days to a larger Chinese city where connections were made with a British pilot to take him back to his base.

The Army sent reward money to the Chinese villagers who had helped Snider. And they used the money to build what they called “Snider’s Soccer Field.

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