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Community meeting set for April 27

The Human Services Department will holding a series of Community Meetings. The purpose of the meetings is to engage the communities in which the department serves so that it is better able to develop programs and services that will make a critical difference in the lives of individuals and/or families seeking help through the department. According to Tarek Polite, Human Services Director, “Individuals and families are well attuned to what they need, if we can tap into that knowledge, it increases our ability to implement programs and services that positively impact the communities we serve.”

Polite further stated, “Research shows that through engagement in community activities, the less fortunate build personal networks that increase their social capital so that they are able to move themselves and their families out of poverty. The Human Services Department is ground zero in helping families and communities to build this social capital for movement to self-sufficiency. This is why these meeting are important and why the community should attend.”

A meeting will be held in DeQuincy at the DeQuincy City Hall on Monday, Apr. 27 from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

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