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European girls enjoy visit to DeQuincy

Clara Armero Creuze, 14, from Madrid, Spain and Sidonie Le Miere, 16, from Paris, France have spent three weeks in DeQuincy.

Clara and Sidonie’s parents are friends of Bob and Diane Engle of DeQuincy. Both of the girls wanted to practice their English and experience the typical everyday life in America.

The girls have enjoyed many things in DeQuincy. Here is what they had to say about their favorite things: “We enjoyed seeing the railroad museum, exercising at the track at the football field and having the freedom to enjoy bike rides in the town; regular visits to the DeQuincy library; visiting the DeQuincy Middle School to see how a typical American school looks; going to the DeQuincy Methodist Church, meeting very friendly people and helping in the Vacation Bible School; visiting with other teenagers in DeQuincy; staying with Bob and Diane and enjoying the daily interaction with their family and friends and sharing meals together; going to see bull riding at Penny’s Rodeo arena.”

They have also tasted new foods and drinks. Their favorites include hushpuppies, cookie cake, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, homemade ice cream and cream soda.

Clara and Sidonie have experienced other things while staying in the U.S. They wanted to experience an American 4th of July and did that at the Lake Charles Civic Center. They went to the Watermelon Festival in DeRidder, went to the state Capitol in Baton Rouge, toured New Orleans, including eating beignets at the Cafe Du Monde. There was also a trip to Orange Beach, Ala. where they swam in the Gulf of Mexico, both in Florida and Alabama at the state line. They also saw dolphins and pelicans.

They said DeQuincy is a very friendly town and it has been fun to stay here.

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