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Veterans honored

DeQuincy Study Club hosted a Veterans Day Celebration to honor local veterans on Tuesday, Nov. 11, at the Old Town Museum.

Introduced by Study Club President, Alma Brown, Judge Sam Lowrey, a retired Lt. Colonel, U. S. Army, and veteran of Vietnam was the guest speaker for the event. Hershel Frazier sang a tribute for a friend, a ballad called “Bastogne.”

Mayor Lawrence Henagan thanked all the veterans for their sacrifices. He recognized public officials that were in attendance: Sandy Treme, Police Juror; Ronda Jacobs and Judy Landry, City Council members; Jim Karr, School Board member; Dorothy Hill, State Representative; and former mayor, Gary Cooper, DeQuincy Railroad Museum Board president.

Krista Lowrey, wife of Judge Lowrey spoke about the 21 years she “served” as a military spouse and followed her husband through his army career. She recognized all veteran family members because of their support of “their” veterans.

Judge Lowrey recognized family members, veterans and asked everyone to give them a round of applause. He said one of the most important things that needs to be focused on is the how to help veterans with their problems and to help provide them with more resources to that end.

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