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In the News

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Council still working on condemnations

By Crystal Nix

Grant Bush, IMCAL representative, updated the council on the Ozone Advance Program Action Plan at the Monday night City Council meeting.

Smog is one of the major factors in air quality, which affects how we live. Like the weather, it can change from day to day, even from hour to hour. Up-to-date information allows people to make decisions based on air quality forecasts.

Residents are encouraged to subscribe to the online site Enviroflash (http://www.enviroflash.info), especially if you have respiratory problems. You can receive daily forecasts about your local air quality to help you make safe decisions about your outdoor activities. Exposure to high levels of air pollution can aggravate heart disease, asthma and other respiratory diseases. By being aware of the air quality levels, you can take precautions to protect your family. There are also apps available to download for iPhones and Android phones.

Mr. Bush encouraged the city to involve school students in the flag program. The program would involve students checking the air quality forecast daily, and displaying a colored flag to correlate with the conditions. A green flag would represent satisfactory air quality, with little or no risks to being outside. A yellow flag would let you know air quality is acceptable; however, there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution. An orange flag would warn at risk people who are sensitive to air pollutants.

New Club

DeQuincy will soon have a new Kiwanis Club. There will be a meeting at the city hall on Thursday, July 17 at 5 p.m. for anyone interested in joining. Steve Ek presented a brief summary of the club to the council. Kiwanis is an international organization that focuses on changing the world by serving children, one child and one community at a time.

Condemnation Extension

The council gave an 60-day extension before they start the condemnation process on 309 LeBlanc St. The representative for the property has begun cleanup of the yard, and has asked for extra time so they can demolish the house. The council emphasized to the representative they must see improvements on the property within the extension period.

The council also voted to start the condemnation process of the mobile home located at 307 LeBlanc. The parish inspector will be contacted to condemn the property.

The owner of the mobile home on Gordon St. will soon be issued a citation for violating the city’s mobile home ordinance. The owner will have to appear before the city magistrate about the matter and face possible fines.

Police and Fire Reports

Police Chief Mike Suchanek introduced the city’s newest police officer, Bo Barber. The police department received for the month of June: 157 complaints, 45 citations issued, booked 13 persons into city jail, and collected $14,856 in bonds and fines.

Fire Chief Johnny Copeland announced the city has received a 4 for their PIL rating. The fire department’s June report included two ambulance assists, one hazmat spill, assisted in removal of an elderly man from under a lawnmower, one vehicle extrication, one power line down, one smell of smoke, and two fire alarm activations at the high school. The fire alarms at the high school were believed to have been set off by lightning storms. Copeland notified the alarm company of the problem.

Other Business

The joint service agreement between the Community Center and Playground District #1 of Ward 6 and the City of DeQuincy will be renewed. This contract allows the city to assist them with maintenance such as mowing, cleaning the swimming pool, etc. In return, they can provide the city with funding for tools such as weedeaters, or a lawnmower. Mayor Henagan has asked for funding to overlay the tennis courts.

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