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In the News

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Henagan, Coleman to meet with DOTD

By Crystal Nix

The DeQuincy City Council voted to accept the low bid for the Buxton Creek Project during the Jan. 9 City Council meeting with the contingency that Facility Planning will accept the bid. Tanner Heavy Equipment of Leesville submitted a bid of $1,395,825.

The rain cancelled two different fireworks events in DeQuincy this year. It has also kept the city crew busy digging ditches, cleaning drains and filling potholes. Weather permitting, the fireworks show will be held on the Fourth of July. The fireworks are sponsored by the DeQuincy Chamber of Commerce.

The Council approved an amended FYE 9/30/16 budget. Overall there were decreased expenditures and increased revenues for the city.

Liquor Permits

Over the past few years, the City Council has required the applicants for liquor license to be present at the December city council meeting to renew their license. In the past, the council has called a special meeting for applicants who failed to appear at the December meeting in order to prevent a lapse in their liquor license.

This year, however, two local stores failed to renew their license at the December meeting, which caused a lapse in their license. The stores were unable to legally sell liquor. The Council stressed to the managers the importance of filing their application and appearing at the council meeting.

Andrea Coleman, council member, also expressed the need to educate their employees on liquor laws, including the sale of liquor to minors and being able to address the situation of over consumption of alcohol on their premises.

The city police conducted three different stings at each business with a lapsed license, to make sure those businesses were not selling liquor. One of the businesses sold liquor the first time, but not the subsequent two. The others didn’t sell at all.

The business that sold illegal alcohol was issued a citation this week, their license was renewed, but the business will be under probation until Apr. 1. Any violation will cause the liquor license to be revoked immediately.

To read the rest of this story, please see page four of the print edition of The DeQuincy News.

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