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In the News

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City Council meets September 11

By Crystal Nix

As the DeQuincy City Council met this Monday, Sept. 11, in regular session, the city flag flew at half-staff Monday in observance of the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Mayor Lawrence Henagan gave a special thank you to all of the churches, volunteers, and the community for their response during Hurricane Harvey. He said once again, DeQuincy stepped up to the plate to meet the needs of others.

The council is concerned about loopholes in the local mobile home ordinance. When the ordinance was created, it was the council’s intent for a land owner to have the right to move in an approved mobile home, owned by them, into the city limits that would serve as their residence. The council and City Attorney Douglas Cox met to discuss the problem. Cox has said the ordinance will need to be amended with the rewording of Sub. Section 6:B-9 to clarify the intent of the council. Council Woman Denise Maddox also suggested updating the existing ordinance to include laws for de-mobilizing mobile homes, and to the use of portable buildings as rental residence.

If you owe the city gas, sewerage, or garbage fees, the city will have the right to have your water disconnected. Ordinance 756 was amended to include all utility user fees rather than just the previous sewerage user fees.

Mayor Henagan was authorized by council to execute an agreement with LA DOTD for improvements to the DeQuincy Industrial Airport. Phase 1 will consist of new perimeter fencing, which is 100% funded with a five year grant.

The mayor was asked when the town hall meeting would take place concerning the Grand Avenue Gym. The mayor is waiting for input from the Grand Avenue Board of Directors before getting a date. The meeting will allow citizens to voice their concerns about the gym being placed in the national registry of historical places, and the governing of the gym.

A public hearing will be held Monday, Oct. 9 for condemnation of a mobile home located at 307 LeBlanc St. The parish inspector said it is a 100% loss, and the council finding it to be a hazard and unsecured.

The Freedom's Thunder benefit for the Veterans Memorial Park has been re-scheduled until Nov. 18 due to the hurricane.

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